The National Championship winners are….

2021 Osprey.     James Hartley, Rob Sutherland, and Miles Palmer.

2020                 Not sailed.

2019 Skua.        Harry, Prue, and Charlie Roome.

2018 Gwaihir.    Mike Wigmore, Mark Struckett, Charles Hyatt, Keith Bliss.

2017 Gwaihir.    Mike Wigmore, Mark Struckett, Charles Hyatt.

2016 Marengo. Carolyn Brigg, David and Olly Sloper.

2015 Gwaihir.    Mike Wigmore, Charles Hyatt,  Harry Gilchrist.

2014 Marengo   Carolyn Brigg, David and Hugo Sloper

2013 Gwaihir     Mark Struckett, Mike Wigmore, Charles Hyatt.

2012 Skua         Harry & Prue Roome, Will Rainey

2011 Skua         Harry & Prue Roome, Mark Chilton

2010 Marengo   Carolyn Brigg, David Sloper, Michael Ewart-Smith.

2009 Gwaihir     Mike Wigmore, Mark Struckett, Andy Shaw/Andy Pinkham.

2008 Skua         Harry & Prue Roome

2007 Skua         Harry, Prue & Charlie Roome

2006 Marengo.  Carolyn Brigg, Sue Glover, David Sloper.

2005 Marengo   Carolyn Brigg, Christine Graves, David Sloper

2004 Not sailed.

2003 Darter        Guy Knight, Tony Glover, Steve Hammett.

2002 Migrant      Chris Fox, James Leaver, Charles Fisher

2001 Migrant      Chris Fox, Charles Fisher and Hugo Fisher.


The Swallow Builder, as soon as all the technical work is done will be: David Heritage Racing Yachts

With all that in mind the link to the RYA page is below.