Ways to get involved in Swallow sailing

If you are used to racing a dinghy and looking for a new challenge then the Swallow fleet is the place for you.

The class is known as the “Dinghy Racer’s Keelboat” for good reason. Great racing, in a sociable fleet, whilst staying upright and not having to pull your dinghy up the beach at the end of the day is a winner. 

Many Swallows are owned by syndicates. With the quantity of racing on offer this is an excellent option to ensure that you always have someone to sail with. Running costs shared between two or three can help, but more importantly you will have an instant team to share the fun with. We always have syndicates open to new members so, choose “get in touch” below and we will find you a team and get you on board.

Alternatively pre-loved Swallows are available to buy, and you can build your own team, but why not try us out first with SW.ITCH our promotion to lend you a Swallow to take part this Summer.  More details on the button below.

If you are downsizing from yacht racing, then only having to find one or two crew each weekend will be a pleasure, but you can still enjoy close tactical racing and the fun sociable programme we offer. See more about the class, and Itchenor Sailing club below.

Or, if you just love the idea of spending wonderful days with a sociable class sailing in a harbour located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty then crewing a Swallow is for you. Contact us and we will get you involved.

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