Guest days and Crewing oportunities

Eleven guests had a load of fun at the Swallow Guest Day at Itchenor Sailing Club on Sunday 16th May 2021.

Despite some feisty conditions, with the breeze at one point up to 19 knots gusting 24, and accompanied by a sheeting rain storm, all the guests appeared to enjoy themselves! They are clearly made of the right stuff to be the Swallow sailors of the future. Many have expressed serious intentions to return for more and several have joined ISC immediately. We very much look forward to seeing more of this team.

We have many options to start Swallow Sailing. Crew for a day and if you like it we can put you in touch with syndicates looking for new members.

Contact our Crew Manager to arrange to sail with us at any time.

The 2022 guest day is Sunday 15th May, or come and join us for the whole weekend.

To join us contact the class chairman at

Contestants at the 2021 Swallow Guest Day

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